Banyan International School

Creative Activities

Since we live in an age where there are no barriers, we train our children to be global citizens.  The students are exposed to Western Music as well as Indian Music. Specialised training is offered for violin, guitar, Casio, tabla etc.


Importance of Dance as a form of expression and personality development is undisputed. Therefore, it is an integral part of a holistic education. Our students are exposed to various dance forms ranging from classical, folk to contemporary. Students are taught correct techniques and are encouraged to express themselves confidently through dance. Stage shows are planned on various occasions to provide a platform to students to showcase their expressions through dance. 

Art and Craft
Our Art and Craft curriculum is framed in a way that the students develop an aesthetic sense and positive reception of the various art forms from around the world as well as of the rich cultural heritage of our country. We try to lay the foundation for an aware, sensitive and creative citizen through our program by providing our students with maximum opportunities and freedom to experiment and exposure to all mediums and fields of creative expression.


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