Banyan International School

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Clubs (Middle Wing)
The school has various clubs which are designed to make the children feel complete, especially with reference to their confidence and commitment towards work. Each club has a teacher In-charge with an assistant teacher In-charge. President, Vice-president and a Secretary work under the active guidance and supervision of teachers. Our clubs include; Debate Club, History Club, Sculpture Club, Media Club, Mystery Science and Robotics Club, Quiz bowl Society, Mathematician Society and International Political Economy Club.

To inculcate a healthy spirit of cooperation and competition among the children the entire strength of school students and teachers is placed in one of four houses. They have a highly active role in the school as they promote competitive and team spirit, leadership initiative, interest in school activities and concern for the general welfare of the school.

Student Council
Student council members are elected each year and appointed in an investiture ceremony. Student council acts as a link between teachers and students. This system gives students an opportunity to develop strong leadership skills by organising and carrying out school activities and service projects.

National Cadet Corps: (NCC)
The school boosts of its accreditation with National Cadet Corps (NCC). The school has two wings of the NCC namely Army Wing and the Naval Wing. Students from grade 8 through 10 can enrol themselves for NCC which gives them an added weightage when they pass out from the school for higher studies. The school participates in various NCC camps which exposes the students to the outside world therefore making them bold and confident adults

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