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Sahil Mahajan

Every time I visit the school, I am amazed by the energy the children have. What is important for the school is to channel that energy into activities, which help the children grow. At Shaurya International, we endeavor to not only help the students excel in the classroom but also to ensure that they get the opportunity to develop their talents in other extracurricular activities. We regularly have debate competitions, basketball competitions and various other sports and extra-curricular activities in the school to provide a platform for our students to display and enhance their abilities.
Extracurricular activities range from sports and the arts to interest clubs and community work, so there are plenty of options that suit an array of interests. Extracurricular activities enhance a child’s learning experience as well as his or her overall development. We have a variety of clubs which are designed to contribute to the overall development of the child and hone their skills at different activities like Public speaking, Sculpture making, Robotics, amongst others. These activities not only foster social skills such as teamwork and camaraderie, but also promote collaboration, interaction and communication.
“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society”
-Theodore Roosevelt

The students of today will go out into the world and become leaders, scientists, bureaucrats, business people and much more. For this, it is important to give them a solid foundation, for which we make every possible effort. We also try our best to not only teach them about various subjects, but also to make them better people, better human beings.
At Shaurya International, we strive to provide our students with a happy environment which is conducive to learning, is competitive, and enhances their overall growth.

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