Banyan International School
Harinder Mahajan

Chairman’s Message

Swami Vivekanand said “Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man.” The founder of BIS envisioned that every child should have the opportunity to meet their potential and develop the academic, creative, social and spiritual skills that will enable them to fulfill a happy and prosperous life. It has always been my firm belief that every child in the right environment and under measured supervision can develop into an authority in their desired field.
Learning in the 21 st century demands modern tools of imparting education besides state of the art infra structure to facilitate enhanced learning. The School stands at the apex in its preparedness toward meeting ultra modern needs of imparting all round child education and care. Besides the scientifically designed, diverse yet rigorous curriculum, the enormous range of activities we offer, away from the classroom, ensures that each pupil can grow and develop wherever their interest and talents may lie. The school’s outstanding achievements in scholastic and co- scholastic skills are a testament to our deep rooted commitment towards holistic development of our students.
Our students receive erudite mentoring while participating in inter/intra school competitions such as Olympiads, quiz, debate & General Knowledge. To ensure that the mentor is always way ahead of time in imparting knowledge, the School organises regular workshops on new methodology of child pedagogy. The school endeavours to develop a child and return back to the society a responsible, mentally mature, forward looking, far sighted and knowledge packed human being. I am sanguine that a student who acquires education at Banyan International School shall be an essential pearl in the basket of national knowledge economy.

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