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At Shaurya International School, we believe that happy children learn faster and better there-fore our main focus is to make learning fun for your child. As preschool years are the beginning of a child’s independent experience away from home, our Kindergarten, which we call ‘Preprimary' wing, offers our students a safe, stimulating, encouraging and a nurturing envi-ronment to discover the joys of learning.
Researches have found that early years are the most crucial time that set the foundation for a child’s success in the educational journey. To prepare each student for a smooth entry into reg-ular school, Shaurya International School has a strong and well-rounded curriculum that devel-ops basic concepts of Maths, Science, and Languages as well as to help them discover the world around them. Various activities of this wing help them develop gross motor skills, hands-eye coordination, creative mind and social skills such as confidence, compassion and tolerance to-wards peers. Latest educational toys, art & craft materials, storybooks, and audio-visual equipments are fully utilised to enrich the learning process.

Facilities of Preprimary Wing

  • An attractive environment with colourful, well-furnished, air-cooled and dust-free classrooms.
  • Smart Board in every classroom for engaging and effective learning experience.
  • Vibrant and well stocked pre-primary library.
  • Ample play areas for physical development: Fun Park, Activity cum Toy Room, Skating Rink and Splash Pool. 
  • Medical Room in the close vicinity with a qualified nurse and doctors on call.
  • CCTV surveillance all across the campus to ensure the safety of children.
  • Low teacher-to-student ratio (1:10 for Nursery and 1:15 for LKG/UKG) to ensure ample individual attention and also to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

Curriculum of Preprimary Wing

  • Highly integrated "My Pedia" programme which promises measurable improvement in thinking ability of the learner.
  • A wide range of Co-curriclar activities to develop various senses as well as interests in different areas : Art and Craft, Dance, Music, Clay/Sand Play, Splash Pool, Martial Art, Skating, Yoga etc
  • Parents Orientation program to facilitate a partnership between teachers and parents.
  • Regular PTMs throughout the year to keep the parents well informed of their child's progress.
  • Spoken English classes specially designed for children to master phonetics and day-to-day conversations.
  • Supervised excursions that kindle the spark of curiosity in them and to broaden their horizons.
  • Various events/ celebrations such as Summer Camp, Birthday Celebrations, Winter/Spring carnivals, Mother's Day celebration, Grandparents' Day and all major religious festivals.
  • Special personal development activities to help children build confidence: Show & Tell activity, group discussions, Rhyme recitation competitions etc.
Evaluation based on their class-room performance and assessments, which is an ongoing process throughout the year.


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