Banyan International School

Middle Wing (Grade 5 to 8)

Middle school is a time of transition for many students as they prepare themselves for senior school and beyond. Banyan international School gives them nurturing environment which informs, involves, motivates and prepares them for the next exciting challenge.
Adolescents are supposed to be concerned with developing educational and professional goals while shaping an image of who they are and what they want to be. Shaurya International School plays an important role in adolescents' identity development.  At this level, focus also broadens and stress is laid upon the enrichment process, adolescent counselling, student council, child-parent relationship etc.
Personality Development programme is tailor made with a multi-pronged aim to enable a child to appreciate his individuality by knowing his innate strengths. To encourage the growth of multi-dimensional personality, Shaurya International School offers a wide range of activities such as Spontaneous Presentations, Group Discussions, Role Plays, English Debates etc.
The academic curriculum is tightly knit with the co-curricular activities to ensure that the pupils not only become academic stalwarts but also develop traits of leadership and personality..


  • E-learning with the latest pedagogy of teaching.
  • Yard Stick programme for self reflection of students' conceptual learning.
  • Quality Circle Time (QCT) for social interaction and empathy among our young leaders.
  • Third language (French, Urdu, Sanskrit) is introduced.
  • Language and science laboratories.
  • Updated digital/physical library as academic resources as well as for the pleasure of reading.
  • Active Inter-school  Model UN meets.
  • Intensive co-curricular activities such as Music, Dance, Art and Craft, Drawing and Painting, Photography, sports and games, Yoga ,Dramatics.
  • A wide variety of clubs to provide students with 'beyond classroom' experiences. Club activities help students acquire communication skills, leadership skills, team work skills etc.
  • Excursions and outdoor educational trips under a well-rounded life skills program.
  • English Movie Time to make the language learning process entertaining and enjoyable as well as to expose them to authentic language, natural expressions and the natural flow of speech.
  • Home learning guidance and counselling.

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