Banyan International School

Primary Wing (Grade1-4)

In the Primary wing, focus is given to the following three areas.

  • First is to give the student a basic foundation for learning the core subjects such as English, Hindi, Science, Maths and Social Studies.
  • Second, to equip students with the basic values of life such as respect, cooperation, friendship and resilience through various activities.
  • Third, to help the students learn about their environment and society as well as understand their duty and responsibility within their own community.

By giving all students equal opportunities to a broad and balanced curriculum, which is tailored to meet their individual needs and abilities, coupled with access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities, we strive to achieve all the above goals.


  • Smart board and 'My Pedia' classroom teaching with cross-curricular theme-based learning.
  • Child-centric education with a multi dimensional approach to learning.
  • Yardstick Activity kits and Various Labs (English Lab, Computer Lab, Maths Lab etc) to give first-hand learning experience.
  • Interactive value education classes to instil the right values at an early age.
  • Scholastic activities such as Book reading, Circle Time, Show and Tell, Calligraphy/Literary Club, Intensive English learning programs etc.
  • 'Star of the Week' to give every student chance to shine and to help students build classroom community.
  • Educational trips and excursions to make lifeskill learning an active process.
  • A wide range of inter-class/ inter-house competitions such as Elocution, Recitation, Spellathon, Calligraphy, Puppet Making, Drawing, Folk Dance.
  • Regular class assessments followed by remedial classes to help students improve learning skills and rectify problem areas.
  • Parents orientation programme before the new session and regular PTMs to ensure that our children reach to their full potential.
  • Co-curricular activities such as Music, Dance, Art and Craft, Sports etc. to build confidence and self-esteem.


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